NOMOKO wins the 26th Prix Strategis


At the ceremony held last night at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the jury of the Strategis Prize, made up of experts from various fields and influential figures of the region, named Nomoko as the winner of the 26th edition of the Swiss Award. The startup wins CHF 50'000.-.



Winning the Prix Strategis is first and foremost about convincing renowned experts from a wide variety of fields of the start-up’s strong potential for innovation, product realization and expansion potential. It also proves that his company will have its place, and also a positive influence in the Swiss economy.  Nomoko, a start-up from Zurich created in 2015, has a very clear vision of the future: the 4th wave of industrialization will make the physical world accessible to machines and artificial intelligences. The start-up intends to take part in this movement by creating an extremely precise 3D digital twin of the world hosted on a platform allowing to integrate other spatial information. This digital world is called «Mirror World» and would provide access to many innovations in the automotive field, including self- driving algorithms, Smart Cities and virtual reality at the city level.  The start-up that completes the podium in second place this year is Rovenso. Founded in 2016 at EPFL, this company develops agile robots capable of taking care of security in any environment. They are able to patrol various terrains to detect any intrusion or theft. Once this data has been collected, the robot is able to analyze and process the information collected through various technological tools.  We finally find Parquery in third position. This company offers an innovative solution to many parking problems. The main idea is called «Smart Parking» and aims to provide real-time, cloud-based information on the occupancy of parking spaces and makes intelligent parking management possible.  A ceremony at the Olympic Museum Wednesday, May 1st at 18:30 took place the 26th ceremony of the Strategis Prize at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. This yearly entrepreneurial competition that began in 1993 by the students association HEC Espace Enterprise has nothing left to prove. It’s strong reputation which reputation was built through the many winners that over the years established themselves as icons of the Swiss economy.  The guest speaker for this year was Lionel Yersin, founder of Advanced Sport Instrument SA. During the ceremony, this microelectronics engineer was able to present his company, which aims to provide solutions to improve performance management in the sports sector with the most innovative electronic tracking and performance systems.  Prix Strategis is organized by HEC Espace Entreprise, a students’ committee from HEC Lausanne who is eager to bring together the entrepreneurial world and the students of HEC Lausanne. «The Prix Strategis has come a long way in 26 years and defines today one of the most esteemed figures of Swiss entrepreneur- ship. Its growth is undeniably due to the fact that Switzerland is a hub of creativity and innovation. Although, Strategis needs to thank its unfailing community who makes it evolve years after years. Great things happen when there is a gathering of great minds. I am therefore grateful for all those who supported Strategis, in any ways.» says Clara Leonardi, head of the Prix Strategis 2019.(Press release)