Nomoko and Balluun are headed to Monaco


VROOM Summit is an invitation-only startup tech event, which brings together select tech companies with high potential and executives as well as investors. At a qualification event held in Zurich Nomoko and Balluun were selected to attend the Summit in the Côte d’Azur.


VROOM Caravan is a qualification event held in countries around the globe. Successful startups get to attend VROOM Summit in Monaco on October 5th. At the Summit the startups will be able to present themselves to an audience of private investors, VCs as well as technology industry executives. The Summit is invitation-only.

Last week ten Swiss startups and companies presented themselves in front of a jury composed of entrepreneurs, mentors and lawyers at the VROOM Caravan held in Zurich. Now it was announced that the selected Swiss companies are Nomoko and Balluun.

Nomoko is a Zurich-based startup founded in 2015. Thanks to its 3D software and Nomoko camera, which has a resolution of 1,500 megapixel, Nomoko can create photorealistic 3D models that are indistinguishable from reality with the naked eye.

Balluun is a B2B technology company founded in 2012 with headquarters in Zurich as well as offices in New York, London, Lausanne and Hong Kong and a development center in Silicon Valley. Balluun’s platform allows event organizers, trade associations, and enterprises to easily and cost-effectively create and scale their own digital marketplaces.


(Picture: Pixabay)