Nispera maintains fast international growth pace

In just six years, Nispera has managed to build its software-as-a-service platform for the renewable energy market in 25 countries. Moreover, 80 percent of the startup's revenue stems from its international markets, making it one of the most successful export companies in Switzerland. The company is nominated for the Export Award 2021.

Founded in 2015 in Zurich, Nispera built an excellent reputation and become a leader in the renewable energy sector. The startup offers an intelligent software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that collects Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) data from renewable energy assets (such as wind or Photovoltaic systems) along with weather forecast data, energy market data and electricity grid data. The data is then processed by Nispera’s big data analytics AI-backed engine to allow for monitoring of actual and forecast production, identification of areas of inadequate performance, detection of deviations through AI-based analytics, and automated reporting. 

Installations in more than 25 countries

The platform is already installed in more than 150 wind turbines, 250 photovoltaic plants and 20 hydropower plants in over 25 countries. Complementing the software, the company's team of 15 employees provides the necessary technical expertise to advise its growing portfolio of customers on how to improve the performance of their facilities based on the data obtained.

Offering this service is also possible due to the startup's collaboration with various partners such as ZHAW, which is helping Nispera to develop AI-based advanced analytics. The company also attributes its success to its ability to adapt very quickly and flexibly to specific and rapidly evolving customer requirements and market needs. For example, if fixed state subsidies are due to expire in a market, it is essential to manage the market exposure risks in order to monitor the financial performance of the facilities.

Ambitious expansion plans
With its “Swiss-made” SaaS platform, Nispera has managed to generate more than 80% of its revenue abroad. In the next few years, the company aims to expand into other markets such as the USA and Asia and to increase the revenue generated abroad to 97%. Switzerland Global Enterprize (S-GE)  is supporting the startup by providing information on relevant topics and markets and assessing the opportunities in the different markets.

Additionally, S-GE has nominated Nispera for the 2021 Export Award, acknowledging its fast growth and success. The Export Award is presented to startups and companies that market their products abroad successfully. Together with Medgate and Penergetic International, Nispera has been nominated for the prize. The winner will be revealed in September.

(Press release/RAN)