Nine startups join Climate-KIC Accelerator in Switzerland



The selection team of the Climate-KIC Accelerator branch in Switzerland has nominated nine startup teams to join the Winter Batch 2018. The teams will benefit from equity-free grants, coaching and training support throughout the upcoming six months. Meanwhile, registration for the 2018 Climathon has started.


The Climate-KIC Accelerator program supports promising startups to transform their ideas that have a high impact on climate change into a scalable business. Since its establishment in Switzerland, the program now counts 76 Swiss startups in its portfolio, including the newly selected startups for the winter batch 2018.

The newly selected batch will join the Climate-Kic Accelerator where they will participate in a three-stage program. In the first stage, the startups will refine their business model and in the second stage; they validate their business model and focus on acquiring their first customers. By the end of the third stage, the startups will be set for future investment rounds and scaling. The equity-free grants offered at each stage are €20’000, €25’000 and €50’000 respectively.

Selected startups for the Winter Batch 2018 include:

AgroSustain – develops effective plant-based treatments that prevent the development of fungal pathogens on fruits and vegetables.

FenX – develops non-flammable insulation foam panels made from widely available mineral waste such as fly ash for the building market.

Gaia Membranes – manufactures membranes that reduce the storage cost of vanadium flow batteries.

GRZ Technologies – develops hydrogen-related technologies for renewable energy storage using metal hydride.

Hades – the company supports cities in maintaining and managing their urban drainage systems and thereby aims to make cities more sustainable and resilient.

KOMP-ACT – is developing cost-effective electric actuators for pneumatic replacement to reduce machinery' energy consumption.

KITRO – the company aims to reduce food waste by automating food waste management for canteens and restaurants.

LEDCity – is developing an interactive, integrated and intelligent control system to reduce energy consumption by 90 %

Swiss Vault – is developing energy and space efficient data storage systems, which decreases the data-carbon footprint.

Investor marketplaceIn addition to revealing the cohort of the Winter 2018 batch, Climate-KIC announces the launch of its new Investor Marketplace designed to connect investors with Climate-KIC startups across Europe. Investors interested in getting the full profile listings of Climate-KIC startups currently fundraising can submit an application to join the platform here.

Registration is now open for the Zurich and Lausanne Climathon 2018Climathon is a global movement dedicated to solving the toughest climate challenges cities face. In Switzerland, the city of Zurich and Lausanne are hosting the 24-hour hackathon on 26th October. Developers, entrepreneurs, students, and enthusiasts will work together with city officials and partners to bring about a shared vision for a healthier city. Key issues to tackle include the future of food, energy, green spaces in the city and mobility. Registration deadline will expire on October 15th.

Photo: Kitro's device for reducing food waste.