Nine start-ups on a virtual stage


Startup INVEST's Virtual Venture Day offers start-ups a platform to present their ideas to the audience and investors. For the event next week, nine start-ups have been selected.



Organised by Startup INVEST, the Virtual Venture DAY matches selected deep tech start-ups with investors. At the upcoming event on 25 June, start-up INVEST expects more than 200 participants – of which over 70 per cent are investors. Besides the pitch session, the event also offers virtual 1:1 meetings.

The following start-ups will present their solutions:

Hemotune AG – is a medical device start-up revolutionising blood purification by its magnetic blood purification technology. The start-up also develops a therapy to restore immune balance in sepsis.

Capskin – revolutionises footwear development by providing sensor socks to footwear brands, enabling them to capture invaluable foot-shoe interaction data and thus design superior shoes.

Hi-D Imaging AG – the ETH spin-off provides an AI-based pre-operational planning platform that allows cardiologists to select a tailored heart valve for each patient before cardiac surgery.

INOFEA AG – makes enzymes 10 x more stable, re-usable and suitable for continuous processes by immobilising and protecting them with a tailor-made shield. As such, the enzymes are easy to use in biocatalysis, bioanalysis, proteomics. They can also be used as an active ingredient.

Lyfa – operates an online store for packaging-free and sustainable groceries.

Prognolite – uses machine learning to predict how the number of guests that will visit a restaurant on any specific day. This helps them to know how much food to prepare and how many people to schedule. The App allows restaurants to reduce food waste, have shorter waiting times and lower staff costs.

Skypull SA – is developing an efficient, reliable and scalable high altitude wind energy system, that consists of a patented drone (UAV) operating between 200m and 600m elevation, capturing much stronger winds compared to traditional wind turbine technology.

Typewise – develops smart keyboards for smartphones. The technology is considered to be the most secure and intelligent human-machine interface.

Urbio –is a scalable software that enables energy utilities and private consulting firms in cities to discover the most efficient energy infrastructure solutions. Combining human expertise and artificial intelligence, Urbio replaces manual trial-and-error from traditional processes, leading to significantly better outcomes