Nexxiot expands into the USA



Zurich based Nexxiot enables customers to gain digital control over their transport assets. The company now also serves the US market. A newly formed team in Dallas manages the activities in the United States.



«Logistic companies in the USA are under enormous pressure to innovate and digitize. With our system we not only have the needs of logistics providers in mind, but also help shippers and their customers by digitizing their logistics. Nexxiot thinks of the supply chain from start to finish and beyond», says Nexxiot CCO Marcel Scheurer. When attached to transport objects, Nexxiots IoT sensors generate data such as location, temperature or shock. They can also act as gateway for additional external sensors. This data is then analyzed by machine learning algorithms. As a result, Nexxiot enables rail car owners and operators to stand out from others in the logistics industry. Nexxiot aims to digitize the rail freight sector across verticals such as oil & gas, chemicals, automotive, retail and more. At the Railway Interchange in Minneapolis from 22 to 25 of September the company will present itself for the first time to US customers. A newly formed team in Dallas, Texas manages the activities in the United States. «With our expansion into North America, we want to continue our growth of the past months. In Europe, we are already market leader in connecting rail freight cars. Now we want to convince the large rail freight market in the USA of our services», Marcel Scheurer adds. (Press release/jd) (Bild: Pixabay)