Next five Startups kicked-off the ESA BIC CH acceleration program

The 10th cohort of the ESA Business Incubation Center Switzerland looks forward to two years of support from industry and technology experts. Non-dilutive financial aid of up to €200’000 will be provided to the five selected startups. 


ESA BIC Switzerland supports startups that exploit space systems or technologies to develop non-space businesses or those that use terrestrial technology for an application related to space. With more than 40 startups already in the portfolio, the program has welcomed five additional startups. During the next 24 months, the selected startups will receive up to €200’000 in non-dilutive funding, business and technical support, access to a broad network of corporate and research partners, as well as to the ESA network, and a community of peers to exchange ideas and experiences with.

The selection committee has identified five startups offering a broad range of solutions for different space and earth applications to benefit from the program. 

These are:

V-LabsAugmented Reality – GNSS/RTK-technology with augment Fuses Ged reality glasses to visualize, measure and modify geospatial data with centimetre accuracy in the field. This allows the operators to see the exact emplacement of all the underground pipes and cables, such as water, gas, electricity, sewage and telecommunications.

CoactumSpace Logistics – aims to revolutionize cargo transportation in space by providing simple, secure and fast in-space transportation services with a standalone small satellite. The solution opens access to high Earth orbits and beyond.

LightlyArtificial intelligence – Machine learning-based software that curates large amounts of geospatial data for earth observation. The company uses its on-premise or webapp solution together with its PIP package to analyze and filter datasets within minutes.

SoHHytecEnergy – developed a solar fuel production system using space solar cells for terrestrial and space applications. The patented integrated Arb device shows record stability, high solar-to-fuel, and solar-to-electricity efficiency, and cost-effective fuel and power production. 

MinWaveTelecommunication – 10 times smaller and lighter microwave devices for satellite communication systems through patented technology for sub-wave-length engineering. MinWave technology is compatible with waveguide devices, planar technologies, and coaxial interfaces. It can be customized and used to realize a wide range of microwave components for many different applications. 

The next application deadline for ESA BIC CH is October 31st.

Info Event
An ESA BIC CH Info Event will take place virtually on June 30
thThis event is a great opportunity to learn more about the program for everyone who is interested in applying.