New startup investments by the Go Beyond community


New startups have joined Go Beyond’s investment portfolio. In 2017, the Go Beyond community completed 16 investments in startups and in itself. Two exits of Swiss startups were also realised.


As an investment platform, the Go Beyond community provides young companies with financial aid to help them reach their business goals. Likewise, Go Beyond enables both experienced and inexperienced investors in its community to build, manage and exit diversified portfolios of direct investments in established startups companies. To facilitate successful investments and to bring startups seeking funds with investors, Go Beyond offers different training and coaching programs to equip members with relevant skills and knowledge about investing and raising funds, and to give startups the chance to present their business cases.

Last year, 16 Investments, ranging from pre-series funding to series A and to series C, were made in startups from diverse sectors. Among them are new investments which have been announced. These include;

Elthera AG – is a biopharmaceutical start-up company developing proprietary, first-in-class oncology drugs using a personalized health care approach. Together with experienced pharma and biotech executives, the startup is developing antibodies against a novel target whose expression is strongly correlated with an aggressive tumor in various types of cancer.

Insightness – the ICT startup developed the Silicon Eye, a custom vision sensor design with smart pixels which allows for computing the position and orientation of devices as well as a 3D map of its environment. The solution is based on a technology known as dynamic vision sensor.

Kinarus – the biopharmaceutical company develops differentiated medicines in areas of stress related inflammatory processes based on cross disease area target assessment.

ShoeSizeMe – the startup developed the first footwear size & fit database for brands and retailers and brands. The database is installed on retailers’ ecommerce shop which then enables users to buy footwear faster, easier and in the correct size. This hence resolves sizing inconsistencies for online shoppers.

The other investments were made in startups such as; Actlight, Cellestia Biotech, Elthera AG, Faction Collective, Fastree3D, Cash Sentinel, Saphetor and Scientific Visual. Go Beyond Investing also attracted investors for itself.  during the same period.

Additionally, two Swiss startups were exited. One of them is Safe Swiss Cloud, which operates a Swiss based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform that allows customers to run enterprise grade cloud solutions. Safe Swiss Cloud received funds from Go Beyond before it was acquired by Everyware. The other exit was by the digital moving company Movu, which was acquired by Baloise.