New guides and tool sets for entrepreneurs to thrive

Whoever has established a company before, knows the struggles, detours, disappointments and the ups and downs involved to establish a successful company. Kellerhals Carrard, with its longterm experience, has launched a guide to tackle legal issues while the entrepreneur and startup expert Dominik Tarolli reveals the secret code to a thriving startup.

There is a plethora of information about starting a company, becoming successful and overcoming the hurdles of being an entrepreneur. Several organisations, experts and even bloggers have performed a tremendous job in disseminating their knowledge across different channels. However, this information is often scattered and focusses on single topics. there is no central source or what one would call a reference toolbox for any startup. 

Kellerhals Carrard, a legal firm working with startups for an extensive period, follows a much broader approach. The firm has released a new guide, Startup from Incorporation to Exit, which aims to describe, in a simple, precise and practical way, the legal framework marking all stages of the company's life. The content covers the topics: project/business plan, choice of legal form, shareholder, employee and third-party relationships, data protection, financing a startup and exit. Every chapter begins with a context which breaks down a topic into simple, understandable terms before delving into details and practical aspects. 

The guide was written by many authors who share in common their passion and devotion to supporting entrepreneurs and young companies. This spirit has led them to create a legal startup, Seed Up, since “the best way to understand the challenges facing a startup is to be one.” 

The book is available to download for free.

The Startup Secret Blackbook by Dominik Tarolli
After working with more than 300 companies during his four-year term as a senior manager at Venturelab, Dominik Tarolli established his own company Procedural Inc. in 2008. Together with three co-founders, they developed the CityEngine software based on technology that spun-out from the ETH Zurich. The company was sold to US-based Esri in 2011 where he has served ever since. 

In his new book The Startup Secret Blackbook, Tarolli seeks to provide entrepreneurs with a hands-on business tool to test any idea fast to avoid failure. In his book, he highlights seven ‘time-tested' steps that entrepreneurs regardless of their field, can follow to thrive. The first step is to assess whether one is an entrepreneur. Further steps revolve around the vision, target customers, pitching, the fear of failure, the go-to-market pan and the decision board. Fascinating about the book are the various tests, exercises, guidelines and frameworks. 

What makes this book special is that there is an entrepreneurial person speaking to the readers. You can feel his passion and he gets straight to the point for example when he writes how his own start-up overcame a deep crisis by changing from a product-centric to a consumer-centric company or when he explains “how to pitch anything in 60 seconds or less”. A good book for every founder looking for tips and inspiration. 

The book is free of charge; however, a small fee will be charged for shipping.