New game studios enter Ludicious Business Accelerator



A jury of the five experts has selected nine Swiss game studios to join the Ludicious Business Accelerator in 2019. A wide buffet of offers comprising of workshops, events, pitch sessions, exhibitions awaits the participants.



The Ludicious Business Accelerator program has been part of the Ludicious-Zürich Game Festival since 2016. The accelerator connects promising new game industry startups with international investors and publishers. It also serves as a business development program catering to studios and talents across Switzerland.

The selected teams will receive tailored business coaching and pitch training from leading business coaches and industry experts in preparation for their presentations to invited industry guests at the Ludicious Festival in 2019. Each team will pitch their project to buyers, as well as exhibit their games to both industry experts and to the public.

The selected projects for the Business Accelerator 2019 are

Between the Lines by Ayane Stämpfli, (Zurich) is an LGBT focused dating simulator game that offers multi-directional player based story choices.

Dark Matters by Severin Walker (Zurich) is a new cooperative Spaceship Adventure for between two and six players.              

Derailed! – from Indoor Astronaut GmbH (Möriken, AG) is an insanely fun and bright couch co-op game where you work together with friends to build a train track across endless procedurally generated worlds.

Empire of Shadows from Digital Shrine (Zurich) a premium PC game aimed at a distinct target audience, fans of Diablo or Dragon Age 1/2

Legends of Cycladia, Blade of Darkonia from Karios Games Sàrl (Geneva) is a pixel-art old-school action dungeon crawler. To defeat the evil that has spread across the land, the player must explore the land of Darkonia and find the five pieces of the legendary Blade of Darkonia

SNB19 (working title) from Randerline AG & Inside Labs AG (Laax, GR) is a freestyle snowboard simulator for mobile platforms. The player takes on the journey of becoming a snowboard pro.

Soup Raiders from Team Kwakwa (Lausanne) is a wacky and fun tactical RPG in which players explore a fantastical open world with ten islands, where the sea is soup, and islands are pieces of bread!

That Failed Bank Robbery – by Simone Guggiari (Zurich) is a competitive local multiplayer game for two or four players in which two teams of thieves attempt to rob the same bank – at the same time.

Blindflug Studios (Zurich) is also working on a new project to expand its game portfolio which comprises of titles such as “First Strike,” “Cloud Chasers,” “(re)format Z:” and “Airheart.” The project will be announced in January 2019.  

More details about the projects are available on the festival-website