New cleantech solutions awarded by the Solar Impulse Foundation

So far, 849 solutions bear the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. Several Swiss cleantech startups were recently selected.

The Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF), founded by Bertrand Piccard is closer to reaching its goal of discovering and validating the 1000 most sustainable and profitable solutions to receive the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. Selected solutions must comply with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With this ambition, the foundation aims to bring the nominated solutions to decision-makers to stimulate dialogue on adopting bold environmental targets and energy policies.

Following the current selection, 849 solutions hold the Efficient Solutions Label, which gives them access to mentors, investors, supply chain partners, among others to scale and grow their businesses for a prosperous circular economy. Some of the recently recognised solutions are developed by Swiss startups.

These include:

The company is building large data storage systems that decrease the impact on the environment and carbon footprint. The company’s unique hardware design and software setup ensure rapid analysis, with secure long-term storage with low energy consumption. ​

Based in Lugano, XFarm Is developing an all-in-one digital platform for farmers, based on a free management software in the cloud, IoT field sensors, and value-added services such as financial management, crop and fertilisation plans, blockchain traceability, advanced reporting and disease risk alerts. The software platform hence reduces 100% impact on material pollution and helps optimise farmers’ work.

The startup’s Solar Fuels transform CO2 and sunlight into synthetic fuels, which are carbon-neutral and compatible with the existing global fuel infrastructure and reduce net CO2 emissions by up to 100%. The technology combines state-of-the-art solar tower systems with proprietary high-temperature thermochemical processes for the production of solar fuels.

The 15-man company developed Stabilisers, a connected voltage control device allowing substantial energy and maintenance savings on large buildings while helping to increase the lifetime of electrical devices. Customers save 10-15% on their building’s electricity bills and another 20-30% on global building maintenance costs.

Tyrerecyling Solutions
The company transforms the end-of-life tyres into a valuable and sustainable resource. It develops performance rubber powders which are used in complex polymer matrices, usually as a substitute of one of the polymers. Its product TyreXol can be used to modify or even upgrade materials such a rubbers (incl. tyres).

Is developing a personalised, eco-friendly platform for gardeners who wish to create a durable and pesticide-free garden in less than 10 minutes. The GreenApp, an application based on algorithms reproducing natural associations, delivers plants suggestions and tips customised to each customer needs, constraints and wishes.

With Mycoremediation, Edaphos is developing innovative substrates for the bioremediation markets of polluted sites and soils, with the help of fungi's metabolism. The use of mushrooms offers a competitive advantage in terms of performance, processing time, energy balance, and the associated cost over time.

The ZHAW-Spinoff developed Halbaton, an intelligent, plug and play lighting system that can reduce energy consumption by 90 percent. The system uses AI trained algorithms that control the light autonomously and dynamically.  The company has built up a large portfolio of customers and partners in German-speaking Switzerland and by May 2020, it had already saved the annual energy consumption of over 4000 households.

To learn more about the #1000 Efficient Solutions, visit the Solar Impulse portfolio site.