Neon leads the ranks of the Top 100 Public Voting


The Top 100 Public Voting 2020 is in full swing. Based on the current status, Neon the Zurich based digital bank is the spearhead of the challenge. Voting continues until 12 July.



Since the launch of the Top 100 public voting, startups have been active in soliciting for votes as apart of the Top 100 Swiss Startup Award competition. Startups from different industries have participated and based on the current updates; the top ten startups represent various industries from Fintech, ICT, Cleantech to life sciences.

Stefan Steiner, Co-managing director of Venturelab has also observed that: “The TOP 100 Public Voting 2020 reached already more voters than last year, which is amazing and shows the strong interest of innovative Swiss startups.”

The top 5 startups

The leading startup with the majority votes from the public is Neon; a fintech startup offering digital banking services via an app for smartphones. After neon are the following startups in the top five:

Acatena (Blockchain) – operates a global platform that enables Premium brands to protect their brands against counterfeiting while increasing direct end-customer engagement and full supply chain visibility.

Qaveman (consumer products) – offers Swiss-made care products for men

Transmutex (Cleantech) – produces energy through the transmutation nuclear waste

Gowago (Mobility) – operates a platform to ease the process of renting a car

The public voting continues until 12th July through During the award ceremony in September, Venturelab will announce the winner that will be featured in the Top 100 magazine along the Top 100. This year too, Venturelab will present the best six startups in a given vertical; the top 5 selected from the Top 100 winners and in addition the company with the most votes from the public voting award in this vertical.