Neode prize for a project aiming to revolutionise blood pressure measurement


The Neode Prize 2017 has been awarded by Professor Afksendiyos Kalangos to Josep Solà, Neuchâtel, for the “Optical Blood Pressure Monitor” project allowing for a , precise, comfortable measurement of this vital parameter. Finalists include Lymphatica, Ophtorobotics and MD Development.


Awarded at a special ceremony held at Microcity, the prize of CHF 50,000 seeks to facilitate the realisation of a medical innovation as a world-reaching product. Josep Solà, researcher at CSEM, is developing a system for measuring blood pressure using optical sensors together with AI algorithms, integrated into wearables. Non-invasive, precise, comfortable measurement of this vital parameter could replace the current use of inflatable cuffs.

The Panel notes the high quality of the projects submitted to it for appraisal this year, in particular those of the other three finalists. The 2nd finalist is Marco Pisano, co-founder and CEO of Lymphatica Medtech SA, Lausanne, for the “LymphoDrain” project, which aims to revolutionise lymphatic drainage. The 3rd finalist is Franziska Ullrich, founder and CEO of Ophthorobotics AG, Zürich, for the “Into the Eye” project, which aims to revolutionise eye surgery. And the 4th finalist is Karim-Frédéric Marti, founder and CEO of MD Development Sàrl, Le Landeron, for the “Dolobloc” project, which aims to revolutionise syringe injection.

About the Prize
Microtechnology with applications to life sciences is a feature of many projects submitted to Neode as a business incubator ; as a result, Neode decided to further encourage this line of work by establishing a dedicated Prize. Since 2009, Neode has been working together with the renowned Professor Afksendiyos Kalangos, Chairman of the Neode Prize Panel, Chair of Global Heart Network USA and director of pediatric heart surgery at Mitera Hospital, Athens, alongside partners from the medical, industrial, and financial sectors, bringing together all the skills necessary to select the best project submitted for the Prize and help with its development. The Panel, composed for the most part of representatives with international reputations, chooses technologies that promise to deliver significant benefits in medicine. This was the third edition of the Prize; the two previous winners were Max Boysset, for the SAV-IOL project in 2009, and Andreas Hogg for the Coat-X project in 2015.

Picture: Jury, finalists and winners.

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