Nautilus acquires VAY to enable personalized workout experiences

Nautilus, Inc., an innovation leader in home fitness for over 30 years, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire VAY, a leader in motion technology. The VAY management and technical teams will join Nautilus as part of its software development group.

Through a combination of machine learning expertise and a deep knowledge of human biomechanics, VAY’s proprietary technology enables computers to understand human motion using cameras. The computer vision software analyzes movements and provides real-time feedback on exercises, enabling repetition counting, form tracking and customized coaching. With this acquisition, VAY’s proprietary technology, experience and highly technical skillset will be committed to the development of Nautilus product offerings, which will create even more personalized fitness experiences for its customers.

“As part of our North Star plan, we identified a need in the market for highly accurate form tracking and coaching. We believe that incorporating VAY’s technology into JRNY is the fastest way to accelerate our technical roadmap to deliver superior connected fitness experiences for our members and enhance the platform’s progress as a highly personalized one-on-one digital fitness coach. This acquisition directly supports our aim to continue evolving into a more digital company and helps us advance our software development capabilities,” said Jim Barr, CEO of Nautilus. “We also believe that this partnership will fundamentally change at-home fitness by helping customers reach their goals in a more personalized and scientific way.”

The VAY management and technical teams will join Nautilus as part of its software development group. Additionally, VAY founded 2019 as an spin-off from ETH Zurich has an existing partnership with the university, one of the top science and technology universities in the world. This partnership will intensify through a collaboration with the ETH AI Center and the formation of a dedicated center of excellence for the pursuit of personalized fitness.

“We are excited to join the Nautilus team as we continue to create a truly differentiated experience for connected at-home fitness. As part of Nautilus, we can scale this offering to a larger consumer base than ever before,” said Joel Roos, Founder & CEO of VAY. “There is much opportunity ahead to drive continued innovation. We share the same vision and values and will be able to capture future growth opportunities in ways we couldn’t do alone. Together we can define the future of the industry.”

(Press release / SK)