for digital advertising goes live across the world


Zurich-based Nanos aims to support small businesses in bringing their digital marketing to the next level by creating and placing Ad campaigns across multiple digital platforms in less than 10 minutes. The beta version is now live in the US, Canada and Europe.


Digital advertising has become popular across all businesses regardless of their size or location. This year alone, companies have spent more than US$273’000 million in digital advertising, and the figure is anticipated to almost double by 2023, as reported on Statista. Digital advertising comes in forms of video, social media, banners, search and classifieds. Nanos, a Zurich based startup established in 2017 is seizing the opportunity to help small business owners to benefit from the digital advertising trend to bring their businesses to the next level. The startup has developed a simple and user-friendly digital marketing platform based on Artificial Intelligence, deep learning algorithms and sophisticated software architecture to enable customers - with or without digital marketing skills – to create and place ad campaign across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google in less than 10 minutes. After building and testing three prototypes over 2.5 years, and closing a seed financing round of $2 million from investors in Germany last summer, Nanos has launched the Beta version of its platform, The platform is accessible to customers in Canada, the United States and multiple countries in Europe including Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, among others. By answering a few questions about their business on the platform automatically creates and optimizes the customer’s Ad campaign, enabling them to reach the right audience in a short time. “NANOS is composed of graduates from the ETH and other technical schools, with a solid expertise in machine learning, deep learning, computer graphics, computer vision who firmly believe online advertisement should be accessible to anybody in the world, and not only to companies with big marketing budgets and marketing specialists in staff”, says Sasha Schriber, CEO and C-Founder of Nanos. The startup team of 10 employees will further enhance the features of the platform as well as accelerate the development of the mobile applications for the launch in May in the apple store and Google Play.