Muslim focused traditional watch surpasses crowdfunding goal in the first week

Aramedes has developed a new watch concept that combines innovation and traditional watch making to address the needs of the Muslim community – to find the direction of the Mecca, reminders for prayer time and fasting. The first week of the startup’s crowdfunding campaign on Conda, reached more than CHF 1 million on the platform and with a direct placement, surpassing the initial goal.

Muslims' religious functions are based on sunrise and sunset; however, these time settings are different in every location on the planet, resulting in varying prayer times and Ramadan. Aramedes AG, a Zurich based startup founded in 2019, has devoted itself to addressing these challenges by developing the first watch to indicate the desired information accurately at every location on earth. “We wanted to create something the world of Swiss watchmaking has never done before,” said Pascal Stübi, co-founder and CIO at Aramedes. Besides transforming the watch industry market, Aramedes eyes a market with 1.80 bn Muslims worldwide. “If we only cover 0.1% of the global Muslim population, the business case is super successful,” Stübi continues.

Aramedes currently has two collections. The Mecca Collection offers functionalities that were previously not possible in the mechanical watches market. The watch provides up to three functions that support Muslims in practising their faith. In addition to a traditional mechanical movement that displays the time with three hands, the watches also feature an electronic module, making it the only watch with this technology. Thanks to Aramedes’ patented technology, the company can offer additional functions in a mechanical watch. The Classictimer Tourbillon Automatic is the flagship of the Zürich Collection.

Following the products showcased at the Dubai Watch Week at the end of November 2021, Aramedes completed product development at the end of March 2022, with a few 100 units developed. Since then, the company launched its entity in Dubai with Seddiqi & Sons and established the Aramedes Luxury Watches Trading LLC in the UAE to oversee marketing and distribution for the entire region.

In Mid May, the startup launched a crowdfunding campaign on Conda seeking CHF 1 million to support its growth. During the first week of the campaign, the company managed to raise 1 million Swiss francs through Conda and direct placements. The campaign is still running for another three weeks. The capital will support the company in ramping up production, increasing marketing activities and strengthening the workforce with more experts in various fields. Today, Aramedes employs six people, of which five are based in Zurich and one in Dubai, where more members will relocate.