Motion-to-Music translating device market entry scheduled for 2020


Mictic is developing a wearable device containing a sensor chip that converts motion into sounds in real-time. The 2018 established startup has now received seed investment to progress product development and expand the team.



The Zurich based startup, Mictic is dedicated to bringing innovative music experiences by using technology in ways that profoundly change how people interact with music. The startup developed a wearable device that transforms body motion or live movements into music with corresponding sounds. This enhances user-experience during sports, games and other activities. Since its incorporation in 2018, the startup has made headlines but also received support from various players for instance from the Swiss Startup Factory. The startup is now completed its seed round with an undisclosed amount from the Swiss Startup Group and a number of experienced private investors. Max Meister, Chief Strategy Officer of the Swiss Startup Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mictic says, "We leveraged our broad the platform effectively to support the company in structuring its operations, fundraising and initiating selected commercial discussions.” According to Rolf Hellat, founder of Mictic, “The completion of the seed round represents another crucial milestone that will enable us to reach the next key steps in the development of our company." Mictic will use the funds primarily for product development and growing the team. Additional plans include the launch of a pre-sale campaign in Q2 2020, after which Mictic plans a full commercial launch of the device by the end of the year. The team is currently focussing on its app development, product supply chain and its go-to-market strategy targeting a global rollout. (Press release/ran)