More accolades for innovative solutions from Switzerland

Another round of awards were presented on different stages worldwide recognising some of the most innovative companies. Typewise, Scewo, Dacadoo and Essento once again put Switzerland in the global spotlight.

Typewise  – Stevie Award
The Swiss deep-tech startup Typewise was awarded gold in the "Innovation" category at the German Stevie Awards 2021, a top-class business award that recognises German-speaking European corporates in 200 categories. The startup developed a smartphone keyboard with AI-based text prediction and auto-correction features to increase efficiency. Typewise’s keyboard reduces typing errors by a factor of four and leads to a 33% faster typing speed. 

Scewo – German Design Award
The German Design Award – presented for the first time in 2012 – is one of the most recognized design competitions worldwide. The Swiss startup Scewo is one of the companies honoured in this first edition. The startup received a gold medal in the category «Excellent Product Design» for its BRO wheelchair, which is designed and technically equipped to climb stairs effortlessly. It is also particularly manoeuvrable and allows the seat to be adjusted in height, thus giving users more independence and flexibility in everyday life. 

Dacadoo - Plug and Play Japan
The digital health startup won the ‘Best International Startup’ award at the winter/spring 2021 summit of Plug and Play Japan. The startup was recognised for its Digital Health Engagement Platforms (DHEP) and Health Risk Quantification solutions for Life and Health insurers. The DHEP connects insured members with their providers, enhancing customer engagement while, at the same time, helping them lead holistically healthier lifestyles. Also referred two as its risk engine, the latter allows for speedy, confident underwriting processes and brings the future of issuing policies to insurers’ doorsteps with the capability of creating dynamically priced policies, such as Pay-As-You-Live. The startup and its team of over 120 employees across locations in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas are thrilled to receive the prize.

Essento – Zukunftspreis INTERNORGA
The INTERNORGA Future Award recognises companies for their outstanding  innovative sustainability strategy, high efficiency and responsible action. The Swiss Startup Essento was among the companies that met this criteria. The company made it  it among the top three in the category Middle Food & Beverage category / A strong case for Insect Food. Pioneers the market for insects as a food in the Switzerland, the company develops, produces and commercialises a series of tasty products for retail and food service providers and its online shop, with the vision to create an added value for people and the environment. The company boasts of being the driving force in Switzerland to initiate the legislative change that led to the approval of edible insects as food. For the startup, being among the top 3 demonstrates its potential and the future of insect food.