Momenta Partners launches second fund for IOT startups


Previously, Zurich based Momenta Partners has supported a diverse group of companies including the Swiss startups Dizmo, Parquery and Koubachi. The firm has now launched a second venture capital fund, «The LPWAN Ecosystem Fund» for start-ups active in the field of Low Power Wide Area Networks.


By 2021, there will be over three billion Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) connected devices, according to Juniper Research. IoT Analytics’ 2018 LPWAN report also forecasts a 109% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for LPWAN connections from 2017-2023, with annual connectivity spending surpassing US$4.7 Billion by 2023. 

Low Power Wide Area Networks are thus poised for significant growth, backed by growing coverage of networks based on open standards like LoRaWAN. Such networks provide long-range connectivity for sensors and other connected devices with very low power consumption, which allows for battery lives of several years. LPWAN facilitate a wealth of applications across industries such as agriculture, energy, manufacturing, smart cities and transportation.

Contributing to the development of the Connected industry, Momenta Partners has launched the LPWAN Ecosystem Fund, which focuses primarily on investments around the LoRaWAN standard. LoRaWAN is the defacto standard for low power connectivity, complementing rapid innovations in 5G technology. Momenta Ventures, the investment arm of Momenta Partners, will manage the Fund with investments coming from strategic stakeholders in the LPWAN ecosystem.


About Momenta VenturesMomenta Ventures invests in early-stage companies in the connected Industry. The firm is led by led by partners with expertise in energy, manufacturing, smart spaces and transportation/logistics. The firm’s portfolio comprises Swiss startups Dizmo, Parquery and Kobachi (sold to Husqvarna) which have previously received investment from Momenta.