MindMaze and Dacuda team up to democratize Virtual Reality

MindMaze and Dacuda announced a partnership to bring virtual reality experiences needing a high-end device today to smartphones.

MindMaze is unveiling a partnership with Dacuda to launch “MMI”. MMI is poised to accelerate adoption of immersive virtual reality into different streams of consumer gaming, media and healthcare. Everyone with a smartphone will have access to high quality virtual reality experiences untethered and at full six degrees of freedom. In Q4 2016, MindMaze will deploy the technology for users globally.

“We will empower adoption of VR into the hands of the everyday user with capabilities matching premium tethered headsets at a fraction of the cost”, said Dr. Alexander Ilic, founder and CTO of Dacuda, “Room-Scale VR becomes instantly usable anywhere and affordable for everyone”.

“To redefine high quality consumer VR and AR experiences beyond media and gaming into healthcare and wellness has been a long standing interest for MindMaze and with the MMI platform we intend to usher a new era of neural VR technologies accessible to millions of consumers” says Dr. Tej Tadi, founder and CEO of MindMaze.

The technology pipeline behind MMI is based on some of the most advanced neurotechnology and real-time computer vision algorithms. It features MindMaze's neural markers combined with Dacuda's SLAM Scan 6DoF room-scale tracking technology. With its ability to measure emotions and body interactions, MMI will facilitate engaging social virtual reality interactions.

Further details on the MMI platform will be revealed later this year.

About Dacuda Dacuda is a computer vision company that redefines the capabilities of cameras with real‐time 2D and 3D algorithms. As the leading pioneer in software 3D camera technology, Dacuda's mission is to bring 3D capturing to every consumer by making 3D content creation as easy as taking a video. Dacuda's software 3D camera helps scale existing 3D use cases to consumers with app‐based scanning and enables novel experiences for Augmented and Virtual Reality headsets. Dacuda is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, with locations in Palo Alto, California and Shanghai, China.

About MindMaze MindMaze is a neurotechnology company built on more than a decade of cutting-edge research at the intersection of neuroscience,virtual and augmented reality. The company brings together an eclectic mix of computer scientists, neuroscientists, physicists and roboticists driven by a passion to enhance the quality of life for people with brain and spinal cord injuries. MindMaze is now expanding its multisensory platform into new fields of consumer health and media applications. Founded by Tej Tadi in 2012, the company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland with U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, CA.