Mila AG shuts down business

Due to the global economic crisis and "unforeseen challenges", software startup Mila AG closed down the business. This announcement comes half a year after the Zurich startup raised $2 million from Swiss, US and German investors.

Founded in 2013, Mila developed a platform to connect people with qualified, local tech service technicians that can offer on-demand support services such as installation, setup, troubleshooting and consultation. Following its success in the home market, the startup opened additional offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Austria, with 50 employees supporting its growth.

By 2022, Mila had more than 11,000 trained technical professionals on the platform and a record of 250’000 services completed with an average star rating of 4.88/5. The startup also had partnership deals with Swisscom, Amazon, Otto, Conrad, BOSCH and Google. Overall, the company counted 40 brand partners.

Investors also believed in the startup. In 2015, Swiss telecommunications provider Swisscom acquired the majority stake in Mila, and last year, German-based VC Born2Grow Ventures and existing investors such as Alpana Ventures from Switzerland and Oriza Ventures from Silicon Valley contributed two million dollars to drive the company’s growth.

As of this year, the company has ceased to exist. In a statement on its website, the company said: “After many years of innovation at the forefront of the technical service sector, the global economic climate of recession and unforeseen challenges have forced us to make this difficult decision.”