Menhir Photonics enters the US market


Menhir Photonics, a Zurich based provider of breakthrough ultrafast laser solutions, has signed a partnership with Vescent. The partnership will allow Menhir to bring its ultrafast laser product to the US market.


Femtosecond lasers have become a commodity in laboratories, yet their usage for industrial applications is still limited by the complexity, costs and unreliability of these devices. Founded in 2018, Menhir Photonics is dedicated to addressing these challenges by providing ultrafast laser solutions for industrial markets.  Based on the founder’s 30 years of experience, Menhir developed MENHIR-1550 SERIES, the first industrial-grade, femtosecond laser and a stable mode-locked oscillator which produces clean sub-200 fs pulses centred at 1560 nm. It features very low phase noise and can be configured to operate at a number of repetition rates that reach the industrial-quality required by customers. The Menhir-1560 offers pulses in a robust, hermetically sealed housing that cannot be beaten. Use cases for the solution include the fields of Space, Microwave, research, Communication and Industry. The startup is now bringing its product overseas, thanks to the partnership with Vescent, an American photonics company that develops and manufactures novel electro-optic and laser technologies. The entry of Menhir’s product into the US will bring a new level of pulsed laser performance to the US market.