Meeting Minutes attracts global attention as it picks up momentum

By empowering businesses with data-driven insights and streamlining collaboration, Meeting Minutes is poised to change how organizations conduct and optimize their meetings. Following its successful start in Europe where over 25 customers in 10 countries use the solution, the company has set foot in the US in response to the high demand.

Founded in 2023 in Uster (Zurich) by Kevin Leichner and Jedidja Rittri, Meeting Minutes offers a software-as-a-service solution for boards of directors, executive leadership teams and committees in large and mid-size companies to enhance meeting efficiency and decision-making processes. The platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft and Google platforms, offering one of the shortest B2B integration processes available. This integration allows Meeting Minutes to collect valuable data and provide customers with insightful analytics through graphs and reports, providing crucial metrics such as meeting costs (internal, external, recurring, and unique), time spent in meetings, employee meeting engagement, and attendance rates.

The onboarding process for Meeting Minutes is also straightforward; after a brief demonstration via video call with prospective clients, the startup handles the backend integration, allowing customers to log in with their existing Microsoft or Google credentials and start inviting colleagues through the platform. While Meeting Minutes caters to businesses with typically between 250 and 2,000 employees, it also serves smaller businesses with as few as 50 employees.

Proven track record and global reach
With only one year since its founding and six months since the go-live, the startup is picking up momentum quickly, serving 25+ customers in 10 countries and facilitating a 15-30% reduction in internal meetings within three months of implementation. The company's customer base spans Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Austria, the United Arab Emirates, and most recently the United States following high demand from US companies. The startup will initially serve customers remotely while preparing to establish a physical presence and team in the region in 2025.

“Our decision to enter the US market was driven by interest from a major US company wanting to trial Meeting Minutes for their leadership teams. Since then, we have successfully integrated with two more companies, with additional customers in the final negotiation phase”, explained Jedidja Rittri, CEO and co-founder of Meeting Minutes.

Currently, Meeting Minutes with its team of nine employees is still bootstrapped, with offers for additional external funding on the table. Alongside financial plans, the company is focusing on enhancing customer experience through gathering and implementing feedback as well as product development. “Currently, we are working on industry benchmarking, a highly requested feature that will allow our customers to evaluate their performance within their industry. We plan to continue expanding in our home market of Switzerland and the EU, while gradually entering the US market”, adds Jedidja.