Medtech startup aiEndoscopic finalizes seed financing round

Founded as a spinoff of the ETH, the University of Zurich and the University Hospital Zurich, aiEndoscoscopic is leveraging artificial intelligence and robotics to develop assistive and autonomous solutions. The startup has secured half a million Swiss francs to accelerate toward clinical trials.

Incorporated in 2021 in Zurich, aiEndoscopic is dedicated to combining artificial intelligence and robotics to revolutionize the endoscopy field. Its first application, intuBot, is an assistive device designed to simplify airway management. The device uses computer vision to detect and manoeuvre its tip to the trachea, thus enabling inexperienced users to achieve successful intubation. By improving the safety of tracheal intubation procedures, intuBot is set to redefine the standard of care in the medical field.

Business angels from Switzerland and Germany with extensive industry experience in the MedTech sector have participated in aiEndoscopic’s seed funding round, bringing together CHF 500'000. The funds will propel the company towards critical milestones, including completing the Innosuisse project and initiating first-in-man trials. Besides gaining financial support, the startup has won strategic partnerships to strengthen its network and commercial expertise.

“With this funding, aiEndoscopic is well-positioned to advance the development and commercialization of intuBot, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and safety of complex endoscopic procedures. As the company progresses through its next stages of growth, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers worldwide”, said Philippe Ganz, CEO & Co-Founder aiEndoscopic.

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(Press release/RAN)