Masterpieces of Swiss technology and innovation at VivaTech


The Viva Technology trade fair will kick off in less than two days in Paris. The platform will again gather more than 100’000 visitors including 9000 startups from all over the world to celebrate Innovation. A Swiss Pavilion and a show featuring a young couple and its use of Swiss technology in everyday life should generate attention.


VivaTech is one of the world’s largest trade fairs gathering more than 100500 visitors from 125 countries to listen to more than 450 global leaders that are shaping the tech industry. Vivatech is also a home for over 9000 startups which participate to showcase their inventions. With such attendance, VivaTech is a place to celebrate today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities for everyone who believes in the power of technology to transform business and society. Switzerland is among the guests to present the innovativeness of #Swisstech. At the upcoming VivaTech fair from 16 to 18 May in Paris, Presence Switzerland the organizer of the #Swisstech campaign has organized a Swiss Pavilion in collaboration with the Swiss Business Hub France. Main partners include SGE, digitalswitzerland, Innosuisse and swissnex. Like last year the #Swisstech Pavilion has two areas. In 2018 the Pavilion caused a stir with a drone "voliere", this time a show focusing on the topic of smart living will attract the audiance. The show on a rotating carousel and structured in four acts features a young couple and its use of technology in its everyday life. The show takes place during the course of a normal day, from morning till night time. Products developed by Swiss companies will be integrated into the set and also showcased on the screens on display. "#SwissTech is user-oriented and highly competitive. Together with our start-ups, we aim to make this fact known internationally in a lively and creative way that benefits our economy, that needs visibility," notes Ambassador Nicolas Bideau, head of Presence Switzerland. Startups integrated in the show include: Ava – developed a fertility, pregnancy and cycle tracking wearable device Avatarion – develops tailor-made applications for humanoid robots and mobile devices, providing a complete infrastructure to interact and work with robots – developed inCORPUS, a non-invasive tool that predicts and identifies the energy levels and the health status of the user. CodeCheck – the startup’s mobile app enables consumers to obtain information on products for better purchasing decisions. Domo Safety – is a provider of behavior-based and medical data analytics in real-time to deliver preventive and proactive services to health professionals GaitUp – developed Pomocup, a ski wearable to enable ski tourers to increase their pleasure, technique and performance using advanced metrics. Threema – offers an encrypted messaging solution - offers marketing & business intelligence solutions for the beverages industry based on Big Data, Social Media and IoT. The startup’s patented technology is universal across all crown capped bottles. Wecan - co-creates, runs and scales joint ventures to transform socio-economic paradigms through pioneering blockchain solutions for example to trace wine bottle owners transfers. Additional startups in the exhibition area include: beqom – developed a Total Compensation platform for large companies – supports companies to facilitate digitalization and solve IT security issues OneVisage - provides of authentication solutions to curb cybercrime Olympe - empowers business and technical teams to co-create and continuously enhance real-time digital solutions Rovenso - develops autonomous agile robots for security monitoring in challenging and harsh environments. The presence of OneVisage, Olympe and Rovenso at the fair is supported by Innosuisse. In addition, universities, research organisations, and SME will be present at the Swiss Pavilion. The full list of all participants can be found on a special website of Presence Switzerland. In parallel to the interactive show, the Swiss Pavilion will bring together investors and leading actors from the international tech scene and host, together with Switzerland Global Enterprise, other Swiss companies operating in sectors like fintech, blockchain technology and cybersecurity. Joël Mesot, President of ETH Zurich, Martina Hirayama, State Secretary of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, and Bertrand Piccard, visionary and pioneer of solar flight, will also visit the Swiss Pavilion. VivaTech has also invited two outstanding Swiss made projects : the four-legged robot ANYmal, developed at ETH Zurich for autonomous operation in challenging environments, natural disasters and search and rescue missions, and the TWIICE exoskeleton born at EPFL in Lausanne, that will allow disabled people to walk again Switzerland's presence in Paris is one of a series of activities undertaken as part of #SwissTech, a campaign organised by Presence Switzerland in collaboration with Switzerland Global Enterprise and supporting institutional partners Innosuisse, digitalswitzerland and the swissnex network. The campaign aims to promote Switzerland as a leading high-tech nation that has much to offer international investors and foreign companies. The next dates on the agenda for #SwissTech are CEATEC Japan in October 2019 and CES Las Vegas in January 2020. Picture: VivaTech