Master21 graduates first cohort

The Zurich based startup Master21 offering the first coding bootcamps in Switzerland has successfully graduated the first full-time cohort. Master21 aims to shape the digital era by equipping individuals with programming skills for creating their own web apps among other things.

The further education market is gaining popularity and is equally becoming crowded with numerous organisations and institutions offering a multitude of programs. Nevertheless, a few of them have managed to react to the increasing demand for programmers. Much as universities are putting in effort to offer IT courses, they are mainly focusing on offering computer science, which leaves the gap between learning to code and gathering practical experience from experts still open.

The startup Master21 is working on establishing itself in the education sector and aims to change how programmers acquire skills. Launched in August 2016 by Melanie Kovacs and Rodrigo Haenggi, the startup is offering a unique 9-week programming bootcamp, which allows individuals – with or without prior programming knowledge or skills and regardless of their age – to learn to code, create and work on their projects at their own pace.

During the 9 weeks, participants are guided and supported by mentors and industry experts throughout program until they have their first working prototype online. This way, the participants experience learning through hands-on, project-based and fun coding sessions. In addition, the program offers a series of networking opportunities for members to meet people from the industry. Upon completion, participants are able to code, create their own websites and web applications.

Moreover, individuals interested in programming have the possibility to enrol as a full- or part-time student. Payment is the responsibility of the participants, however they have the possibility to pay in installments.

The first cohort comprised of four members out of which some have found jobs and others continue to work on their projects. Sab, one of the graduates said: "Master21 is very intense but very rewarding." Tugce, another graduate said: "Master21 not only taught me to code but helped me to grow as a person."

“Rodrigo from Master21 not only taught us the fundamentals in a simple way but also showed us that coding is creative and fun. A new world opened to me and I feel competent to speak tech now”, says Cynthia, Former Head of Innovation at Valora Lab.

Master21 now looks forward to the next bootcamp in June. Around 10 individuals are accepted into the program.