MassChallenge Switzerland reveals the 2020 cohort


The 2020 cohort of MassChallenge Switzerland includes 82 early-stage startups from 22 countries. This year’s program comes with new changes; there is a new track dedicated to Sustainable Food Systems, participants will get access to the global network and the program will kick-off virtually in July.



MassChallenge Switzerland brings together people and organizations to enable high potential startups to solve problems and stimulate economies. More than 1,000 startups submitted their applications to enter the program. Today, the award committee announced the 82 startups have the potential to create widespread impact across industries to participate in the program. Masschallenge will also run the first Sustainable Food Systems track this year with 20 startups that will benefit from specialized support, additional resources, and access to corporate partners.

This year, the accelerator program will begin its program virtually in July to transition to an in-person program and events. Also, new this year, the participating entrepreneurs will receive access to MassChallenge’s global ecosystem of resources, including mentorship, introductions to top corporate partners, tailored curriculum, and more.

Meet the finalists from Switzerland

Healthcare/ Life Sciences

Adiposs – detects cachexia cancer before it is too late.

ChondroNest SA – Develops « In Vivo » reconstruction of cartilage extracellular matrix based on an injectable two-component bio-polymers.

EarlySight – Developing a medical device to help doctors detect eye diseases at early stage thanks to precise imaging of the retina.

Flowbone – The easiest treatment to quickly reinforce fragile hips without impeding bone functions.

Hi-D Imaging AG – a novel medical imaging tool that allows cardiologists to select a tailored heart valve for each patient before cardiac surgery.

Kriya Biosciences – Applies its proprietary drug delivery technology platform to create transformative therapies for chronic disease patients.

Limula Biotech – Bringing gene-therapies to the people by enabling hospitals with an automated all-in-one manufacturing platform.

Nanoglue – In a world where every 10th skin transplant fails, we harness cutting-edge nanotechnology to ensure skin transplant survival.

Neurosoft Bioelectronics – Developing the future of seamless implantable electrodes to monitor and treat neurological diseases.


Access Informer Security Solutions – A simple yet powerful solution to collect, analyze and monitor user authorizations across your key systems.

Amphasys AG – Helps seed companies to reduce cost of production by improving the pollen supply chain.

BLP Digital – An ETH spin-off company, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to automatically extract and process data from semi-structured documents.

Decentriq – Combines confidential computing and machine learning to enable simple and safe global deployment of AI applications.

Exomotion - is developing Virage, a Personal Transportation (PT) device

Less Platform – Revolutionizes how freight management is done. It helps to reduce millions of unnecessary driven miles and cut tones of Co2 emissions.

MicroR Systems – Provides lasers with precise colors for precision applications.

Python Upskilling – corporate training services for data scientists using python

Rigi Technologies – developed Air Bridge to enable aerial drone delivery between two or more locations.

Synthara technologies – design chips for artificial intelligence on the edge


Addmin – a platform that enables digitization

DePoly – Turns PET waste into highly valued original chemical components

Readily3D – its volumetric 3D printer irradiates a liquid photo-sensitive polymer from multiple angles with dynamic light patterns.

Ponera Group – Is a smart modular packaging solution provider as an enabler for implementation of Circular Economy in freight transportation.

Urban Connect – provides a complete bicycle fleet solution for corporate clients.

Energy / Clean Tech

CO2 Free Truck – Captures the CO2 emitted by truck and store it. The CO2 can then be sold on the CO2 market or transformed in fuel.

Social Impact

CleanMotion – Develops self-disinfecting door handles to avoid germ transmission.

Neustark – Creates climate positive construction materials by turning CO2 into minerals.

Sustainable Food Systems Track

Aquama – Provides 100% biodegradable cleaning and disinfecting solutions (from water and salt electrified) based on the sharing economy principle.

Ascendo – Insect farm in a box, to close the loop between waste organic matter and high-quality animal feed.

Caulys – Enables anyone to grow their own fresh, tasty and eco-friendly fruits and vegetables, directly at home.

Droople SA – developed a smart grid for water.

TicInsect Sagl  –Circular economy/insect rearing/food waste valorization.

The comprehensive list with all finalists is in the attachment.