MassChallenge Switzerland awards CHF 500k to 12 startups


The MassChallenge Switzerland 2019 Awards Ceremony shined a spotlight on promising startups and corporate intrapreneurship teams. A dozen start-ups received cash prices.



The Awards Ceremony was held yesterday at the The SwissTech Convention Center in Ecublens (VD). At the event, had the opportunity to talk to Siobhan Dullea. As the CEO of MassChallenge explains for the world, the relationship between companies and startups has evolved in recent years. Thus the mistrust of the beginnings gradually gave way to curiosity and the desire to collaborate. Moreover, the accelerator serves more and more as a facilitator between the two parties. Speaking of Switzerland, the CEO is impressed by the collaboration between its partner companies and startups in areas such as food technology, life science or finance. 1000 startups had applied for the 2019 cohort of MassChallenge Switzerland, 76 had been selected and 12 companies were now announced as winners. CHF 150K Diamond WinnerARTIRIA Medical (Switzerland): The medtech start-up developed a disruptive medical device allowing stroke surgeons to navigate in brain arteries with unprecedented speed and efficacy. CHF 80K Platinum WinnersCellSpring (Switzerland): The biotech company aims to become the global leader in 3-dimensional cell culture. Its fully automated platform enables more informed "stop/go" decisions for preclinical candidates. AbuErdan (Egypt): AbuErdan is a cloud-based management system empowering poultry companies with tools to increase their profitability and decrease their waste. CHF 30K Gold WinnersEnterprise Bot (Switzerland): Enterprise Bot is an Artificial Intelligence company that build chatbot solutions for enterprises. PXL Vision (Switzerland): PXL Vision's Daego is a technology platform for secure identity verification and the creation & management of trustable digital identities. Planted (Switzerland): The ETH Zurich spin-off creates meat substitutes with pea protein, pea fiber, sunflower oil and water. The products stand out with its texture, which makes them almost indistinguishable from chicken. Tomplay (Switzerland): Tomplay invented the Interactive Sheet Music and offers all musicians a unique tool to learn and play music. SEADS - SEA DEFENCE SOLUTIONS (United Kingdom): 10 rivers are responsible for 80% of the total plastic entering the Oceans.​ Seads’ patented technology stops it and sends it to recycle. CHF 10K Silver WinnersEmotion Food Company (Switzerland): EFC is a company specialized in the development of solutions for people suffering from dysphagia or swallowing disorders. Silencions (Switzerland): The mission of the start-up is to bring back silence to people's everyday life by significantly reducing noise emission in a simple and economical manner. BFT, s.r.o. (Slovakia): BFT developed new processing method for sugar beet to alternative sweeteners with health benefits, offers also value and cost optimisatation. Liquid Logical (United Kingdom): Liquid Logical have invented a new technology which brings water to boiling temp instantly without a tank. Using exact time, water, energy. During the event, MassChallenge Switzerland and its partners also awarded more than CHF 200K of in-kind prizes to startups in the 2019 cohort: Mazars will provide one year of accountancy to ARTIRIA Medical, Liquid Logical, and Tomplay; Reuteler & Cie will provide 12 hours of IP services to BFT, s.r.o., Silencions, PXL Vision, Liquid Logical, CellSpring, and ARTIRIA Medical; and Kellerhals & Carrard will provide 12 hours of legal services to Emotion Food Company, BFT, s.r.o., Silencions, Planted, Enterprise Bot, and CellSpring.(Press release)Bild:ZVG