Magnes secures bridge funding

Magnes’ smart shoes ‘Nushu’ combine gait monitoring and haptic feedback for personalized neuro-therapy. The startup has now closed a Bridge Financing Round raising CHF 700’000 to obtain the CE certification.

Based in Zurich, Magnes developed Nushu smart shoes, which offer a real time solution to analyze walk patterns of patients with neurological disorders The smart shoes collect data while the patient is walking or exercising, and processes the data using advanced Magnes AI algorithms to provide real-time insights in patient’s rehabilitation status and well-being, thus enabling fully personalised therapies.

The NUSHU app allows patients to train with predefined exercises and learn to regain control of their extremities. The solution offers vast benefits for  patients such as receiving haptic feedback when they do correct movements and the ability to obtain tailored treatments. Furthermore, the collected data can be shared with doctors to track their progress and guide them for speedy recovery.

The new innvestment will allow Magnes to finalize the medical CE certification, to grow the business, and work with pharma companies to optimize clinical studies. Experienced healthcare and pharma professionals joined Magnes as investors to support the company to realize its vision to improve the management of neurological diseases.

The CEO of Magnes Olgac Ergeneman told Startupticker “We showed the accuracy of our solution by performing validation studies and comparing it to gold standard methods last year. Since the beginning of this year several clinics are using our solution to assess patients. This funding round will enable us to complete our CE marking as a medical device and expand our business operations.”

 (Press release/RAN)