LYRA smart glasses unveiled in Zurich

After presenting its Smart Ski Googles at CES Las Vegas, Ostloong Innovations continues its rise by unveiling LYRA, multifunctional smart AR glasses with augmented reality and artificial intelligence for office work, city life and for travelling. LYRA allows people to navigate the digital world without having to take their attention away from their physical surroundings. 

LYRA is designed to enhance the user's experience in daily life by providing information and functionality through a digital display superimposed on the user's physical environment. It can be used both in office and city  and  allows people to stay connected to relevant information in real-time while being focused on their surroundings. LYRA is controlled by a touch pad on the leg and it is designed to be used by a wide range of people to suit office use and city navigation.

The LYRA smart goggles will be available for pre-order on the Ostloong Innovations website starting in September 2023. As for the Sirius Smart Ski Googles, the Zurich-based startup says they will go on sale in November.

Revolutionary indoor and outdoor features

The smart AR glasses LYRA are equipped with optical waveguide lens that allow users read information in real time, LYRA’s many features include:

  • An instant multilingual translator from voice to text and from text to text
  • Assistant in taking notes during meetings with the possibility of recording and translating live
  • Integrated GPS for easy and optimal travel and navigation
  • The integration of mobile data (calls and messages)

"I am convinced that this product is a real turning point, offering a new way of living our daily lives. This unique and personalized experience allows the user to stay connected to relevant information in real-time while being focused on their surroundings," said Amber Gao, CEO of Ostloong Innovations. “Whether for business or private activities, the user can easily access important information without having to interrupt his task. LYRA is a high-performance all-in-one designed to be used by a wide range of people to suit different situations, lifestyles, and personal preferences. With their sleek design and lightweight, these smart glasses are designed to be worn throughout the day.”

A team more determined than ever to be the market leader

Ostloong Innovations is a start-up specialising in innovative near-eye augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies, founded in 2022 by Amber Gao. Passionate about new technologies, she embarked on this adventure with the desire to make everyone's daily life easier with innovative products that can be customised according to their needs. "We are excited and proud to launch Lyra, which represents a new era in the way we interact with the world around us. With advanced features such as augmented reality, voice recognition and artificial intelligence, our smart AR-glasses offer an unparalleled user experience" said Amber Gao.

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