Lykke welcomes an Asian investor and strategic partner


Hanwha Systems, a division of the South Korean Hanwha group founded in 1952, has made a strategic investment in Lykke. The collaboration lays a foundation for the growth of these two companies' platforms in the blockchain industry.


Lykke is building a global marketplace to facilitate the free exchange of any kind of digitized assets. Since ist foundation in 2015, the startup has been offering trading a wide range of cryptocurrencies, 21 fiat currencies, commodities and unique instruments for managing the client's investment portfolio such as the LyCI product offerings.

The startup has attracted Hanwha Systems to invest through a strategic partnership, which opens a new gateway for the companies to grow their platforms in the global blockchain business. According to Richard Olsen Lykke Corp CEO: “A young company like Lykke operating out of Switzerland needs a partner in Asia, who has built a strong team and a reputation committed for perseverance and quality. We have now worked with Hanwha for more than a year. We are thrilled to partner with Hanwha, they are a perfect match!”

Hanwha Systems, a former is a division of the South Korean Hanwha group founded in 1952, has been actively involved in the blockchain industry since 2018 following the launch of an Ethereum-based blockchain platform called “H-chain.” The H-chain is a unique platform that can help entities that want to launch blockchain services.

 “We started in the blockchain business in 2018 and are still looking for a business model that fits the industry. We will develop companies that want blockchain services to make various businesses applicable through H-chain, and as part of this, we have also invested in the ‘fintech’ sector,” said  a Hanwha Systems official.