LuckaBox allows for 90-minute delivery

LuckaBox is an innovative city-logistics start up revolutionizing the way urban e-commerce shoppers experience delivery. The startup provides on-demand urban bike delivery services to online retailers via a state-of-the art data-science-driven and customer-centric web platform. Aike Festini CEO and co-founder of LuckaBox shared the progress of LuckaBox.

LuckaBox is a B2B startup offering its clients an on-demand and last-mile deliveries that meets the demands of their customers’ busy lifestyle. Through aggregating and evaluating existing local express and couriers services, the startup helps retailers in Switzerland and Europe provide their e-commerce customers with ninety-minute order deliveries. Retailers can also offer deliveries within a one-hour timeframe established by individual customers.

Once LuckaBox has been chosen as a delivery option – either in the webshop’s checkout process or through the widget on the website – the integrated smart algorithm compares all connected carriers in terms of location, fleet, internal and external customer rating. LuckaBox’s algorithm ensures that always the optimal courier is chosen and the package is picked up and delivered safely and on time. This new delivery option is available through the LuckaBox web service API, which connects directly with individual courier companies.

Hence, LuckaBox negotiates better rates from carriers putting its margin on top. Following this step, B2B customers can decide how much they want to subsidize the delivery price for their end customers.

A thought-out development process
“Prior to launching our startup we validated the problem with 5 carriers, 9 retailers, and 123 online shoppers in 3 countries. In the first quarter of 2017, we released a MVP. In the second quarter, a product market fit validation with our 1st customer was gained and he 1st carrier was fully integrated by end of Q2. During the same period a Beta Version of our platform was released. Today, we have a running prototype and are able to handle orders from A to Z, says Aike Festini, CEO and CO-founder of LuckaBox. “Currently, we are in the process of building a widget for our website to further simplify deliveries and open our service to B2C customers in a collaboration with the Zurich-based software house Panter AG, one of its founders Georgios Kontoleon is on our advisory board”, she adds.

To date, LuckaBox serves two clients: ZoëRay, a Zug based company selling pomegranate seeds, and CrowdContainer, a company shipping selected organic products from Indian farmers directly to its customers in Zürich, Bern and St Gallen. The startup anticipates the first sales in August or September of this year. While the LuckaBox services are still open only  to the Swiss market, the platform will be available to other markets with time.

LuckaBox is currently participating CTI (Stage II) program, and after winning he first stage of  venture kick, the startup continues to compete in the second stage of the competition. Additionally, LuckaBox was announced among the Venture Top 10 Business Ideas 2017. Last month LuckaBox welcomed Ilona Simpson, former CIO of Aston Martin, and former Vice President IT DPD to their board of advisors.

Picture: skitterphoto/Pixabay