LogicFlow takes automation of IT systems migration to a new level


The software startup LogicFlow simplifies the lives of developers by driving automation in software development, with a focus on migrating legacy systems. The startup has obtained CHF 150’000 franks for winning the Venture Kick final.



Zurich-based LogicFlow develops automated software migration solutions, which enable large corporations to process their IT migration with up to 50 per cent time and cost savings. Technical migration is a significant challenge for IT departments; as organizations evolve, they face decreasing productivity due to outdated code. With their self-developed automated migration solution supported by machine learning, LogicFlow automates repetitive code migration tasks to help companies migrate, modernize, standardize, and test their IT systems at a fraction of the time and costs and with minimal risk.

LogicFlow is currently executing migration projects from AngularJS to the latest Angular framework, which is already a multi-billion-dollar market. In the future, the LogicFlow technology will be used for other migration projects in other programming languages. With their first product version that has proven its efficacy in large real-life projects, co-founders Zhiying Cui, Malte Redschlag, and Lucas Fiévet are acquiring further customers.

In addition to the funds obtained in its first funding round, the startup team will use the money invested by Venture Kick to enhance the first product version into a mature and scalable product. “Without the Venture Kick network and process, our startup would never have taken off so fast,” said Lucas Fiévet.

(press release/RAN)

Photo: Co-founders Lucas Fiévet, Zhiying Cui, and Malte Redschlag