LogicFlow closes pre-seed round

Large corporations including one of Switzerland's largest banks are already using LogicFlow's software code translation and generation technology, enabling them to save time and costs. The startup has now obtained fresh capital from Swiss business angels to further develop and scale its solution.

Founded in 2020, LogicFlow is a Zurich-based startup aims to drive automation in the software development industry. The startup developed a first of its kind automation system for software migration, enabling corporations to modernize faster and significantly lower costs. Modernization is a major challenge for IT departments, as organizations evolve, they suffer from decreasing productivity due to the technical debt in their legacy systems. With the LogicFlow technology, repetitive code migration tasks are automated, helping companies to migrate, modernize, standardize, and test their IT systems at a fraction of the conventional time, cost, and risk.

LogicFlow has been developing its technology since 2016 and is now delivering production-ready migration results for large corporations. Among its clients is one of Switzerland’s major banks, for which the startup has employed its software migration and testing capabilities to migrate over 100’000 lines of code at a record pace.

The startup is now ready for the next chapter, thanks to the recently raised pre-seed capital of 0.5 million. The funds include a CHF 350'000 investment from Swiss angel investors and CHF 150’000 obtained from Venture Kick after winning the stage 3 finale in June 2020. According to the start-up, "the support of Venture Kick has been decisive in shaping and bringing our offering to the market."

The funds will enable LogicFlow to further develop its migration system and expand its presence in the migration market. The company also plans to extend its technology to launch a plugin that will enable software developers with smarter autocompletion to reduce development time and bugs.

“I am proud to support LogicFlow since the very beginning. The team around the founder and CEO, Lucas Fiévet, creates the code migration of tomorrow – a toolbox that every company in the digital space needs”, says Edgar Fleisch, professor at ETH Zurich and University of t. Gallen.

(Press release/RAN)