Locatee opens office in New York

Workspace occupancy and analytics provider Locatee today serves companies like Deloitte, SwissRe, and other Global1000 companies in more than 60 countries. The Swiss startup has opened a new office in New York to drive further support for US-based corporations as they shift to post-pandemic office working.

Locatee’s unique workspace analytics solution – which leverages the existing wired and wireless networks in place – enables businesses to make data-driven decisions about their corporate real estate. By tracking occupancy and utilisation rates of office spaces, Locatee customers can confidently establish exactly how effectively office space is being used. This enables corporations to upscale or downscale as needed, and optimise the office to ensure a better quality of office life for workers.

The Zurich based startup has enjoyed strong growth across Europe since its founding and tripled its revenue in 2020. The company’s technology is used by companies such as Deloitte, SwissRe, and other Global1000 companies including leading U.S. businesses as customers. 

With the corporate office landscape set to change significantly post-pandemic, US corporations must act now to ensure they are identifying and meeting the future needs of their office-based workforce. The Swiss startup has set up a new office in New York and a team to provide support to US corporations wanting to effectively navigate post-pandemic office working, and reduce unnecessary real estate costs.

Thomas Kessler, CEO and co-founder at Locatee comments: “The corporate office space in the US will be very different to the one we knew pre-pandemic. Corporations need to make decisive, data-led decisions about optimising office space, ensuring it exceeds the needs of workers, whilst also being cost-efficient. …We’re here to help corporations effectively manage their real estate portfolios, and feel confident in providing productive, high-quality office spaces which are a pleasure to work in.”

Philipp Stauffer, Co-Founder & Managing Director at FYRFLY added: “Locatee’s fantastic growth over the past few years is testament to the value they provide their customers. I am excited to see them bringing their platform technology and their insight and expertise to the US market. As we look to adapt the way we work in the post-Covid recovery, it’s crucial that organisations have the data and insight they need to make intelligent decisions about their workplace and real estate portfolio. Locatee provides that key, and we’re tremendously excited about their prospects.” 

(Press release)