Loanboox maintains growth in 2022

Last year, Loanboox closed 3000 deals with a volume of CHF 30 billion from municipalities, near-public entities and real estate companies. While borrowing costs quadrupled in the public sector in Switzerland, Loanboox's 800 clients benefited from easy access to 200 active investors and a digitally enabled service that saved them workload and money, up to CHF one million for the larger transactions.

Loanboox has been dedicated to making debt capital markets more efficient, transparent and fast for six years now. Today municipalities, cities, large companies, real estate companies and housing cooperatives in 12 countries have reached the 3’000-mark of loans closed, with a total volume of nearly CHF 30 billion. The fintech startup last year had 800 borrowers and 200 institutional lenders use its platform.

Supported by its team of 35 people, the Zurich -based startup also expanded its business activities last year to provide its services and tools in the real estate sector, providing borrowers with a digital platform for mortgage financing of investment properties while Lenders get broad access to attractive financing opportunities. Volumes of between CHF 2 and 22 million, with durations between 3 months and 15 years have already been concluded, and as expressed in their December 2022 report, the company is expecting more than 10 transactions to be due in the next few months. Real estate companies and housing cooperatives with clients such as Ina Invest AG, Logement Idéal or the housing cooperative Aarau (ABAU) also saved an average of 40% – CHF 250’000 per transaction.

43 projects with attributable positive impact
Of the 591 financings that Loanboox closed in various sectors and countries, 43 of them with a volume of CHF 200 million were directly attributable to one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: affordable housing, contribution to the energy transition, investment in health facilities and education projects. Since 2022, the label “Energiestadt” has been integrated into Loanboox. In addition, transparent processes enable borrowers to see the counterparties and terms before concluding a request, thus allowing them to include sustainability criteria in their decisions.

The company’s roadmap for the current year is already filled with activities to strengthen its position in the incoming producing real estate area in Germany and Switzerland, with tools such as transaction support, debt management and a Whitelabel across, and services across Europe.

(Press release/RAN)