Loan guarantees to fuel cleantech solutions

The new list of startups benefiting from the Technology Fund loan guarantee is out, comprising ten startups offering a diverse set of solutions, ranging from connected devices to energy-efficient systems and sustainable textile materials. This financial boost allows startups to secure bank loans to accelerate their development.

The Technology Fund is a political instrument of the Swiss government’s climate strategy and a mandate of Emerald Technology Ventures AG. The initiative seeks to promote technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote the efficient use of electrical and renewable energy, and conserve natural resources. With a total budget of CHF 350 million, the Fund offers loan guarantees to promising startups and Small and Medium-sized companies to boost their development. So far, it has granted loan guarantees of over CHF 249 million to companies, giving them access to attractive bank loans. Many of the supported companies have made strides in their respective industries, including securing further funding.

“The portfolio companies supported by the Technology Fund have raised a total of over CHF 250 million in equity in the last 12 months, which is very pleasing. However, more capital was raised in the same period last year. This is not surprising, as venture capital financing in Switzerland and worldwide in the climate-tech sector is around 40%-50% behind in the same period,” said Simone Riedel Riley, Head of Technology Fund.  

The new grant recipients are:

Pallon AG – the ETH Zurich spinoff uses an artificial intelligence tool that automatically detects defects in sewer inspection footage and informs engineers when and how to repair them, reducing human error. Over 100 customers have used the solution.

Algrano – built a platform for coffee producers and roasters to connect directly online. The company also exports and imports traded goods with service providers, creating the first fully transparent supply chain.

Calopad AG – developed the world’s first intelligent heat pad that relieves acute and chronic pain in the long term, relieves tension and optimally regenerates muscles with targeted stimulation. The pad is usable and free from chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Impaakt SA – developed an impact measurement platform that investigates how businesses impact people and the planet to generate reports for individuals, employees and investors.

emost AG - environmentally friendly and efficient energy solutions such as the emost butler, a mobile power station that offers clean and silent energy independent of the power grid, as an alternative to diesel generators.

CEBS AG (“kooky”) – Replace disposable coffee cups with a sturdy system comprising a reusable cup and return station, thus tackling the waste problem in the beverage industry. Large companies and Cities have already transitioned to this system.

Cyltronic AG – developed the world’s first electric ultra-compact linear actuators for machine builders dealing with complex motion sequences. The cost-efficient actuators also allow for up to 95% energy savings.

Helio AG – offers a carbon-aware cloud platform for 3d-renderings, machine learning workloads, and many other computing jobs to help reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Ocean Safe AG – develops scalable textile materials, coupled with the holistic OceanSafe Certified solution, empowers brands to create circular finished products in record time.

Boostbar AG – offers companies an all-in-one vending system combining connected hardware with in-house software and curated foods and beverages.

swisca ag  - is a Swiss SME developing and commercializing intelligent milling systems for the food industry.

Imagy by Freepik