LimmaTech launches spin-out for drug development

GlycoEra AG announced its incorporation with the purpose of leveraging a proprietary glycoengineering platform to develop a pipeline of novel biologics for inflammatory disease, autoimmune disorder and immuno-oncology indications. The company has been founded as a product development-focused spin-out of LimmaTech Biologics AG.

GlycoEra has obtained a world-wide exclusive license from LimmaTech to its CustomGlycan Platform and associated assets. “We have established GlycoEra to unlock the full value of the CustomGlycan Platform by driving a range of product candidates toward clinical proof-of-concept,” stated Veronica Gambillara Fonck, PhD, CEO and co-founder of GlycoEra.

Amir Faridmoayer, GlycoEra’s Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder, added: “As the understanding of glycobiology and glycoimmunology increases, it is evident that glycans are essential for regulating different biological pathways in humans. The translation of this knowledge into effective therapeutics has been hampered due to the complexity of producing specific glycan structures with high homogeneity. GlycoEra’s CustomGlycan Platform enables us to precisely and selectively target specific glycan-mediated biological pathways to develop novel products for challenging diseases.”

LimmaTech is a spin-off of GlycoVaxyn, the company acquired by GlaxoSmithKline plc in February 2015. LimmaTech and GlycoEra are both based in Schlieren.

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