Launching Swiss-made UAV-inspection technology in Turkey


Sulzer Schmid, a Swiss company pioneering UAV technology for rotor blade inspections, and Ülke Enerji, the largest independent wind farm service provider in Turkey, have teamed up to provide autonomous drone-based blade inspections to Nordex / Acciona Windpower on all of their wind turbines located in Turkey.


Sulzer Schmid, with its UAV inspection technology for the energy sector is on the mission to redefine industrial-grade inspections using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. Founded in 2015 by Tom Sulzer and Christof Schmid, the Zurich-based startup developed 3DX™ an end-to-end technology platform that produces high-quality inspection results and consistent image acquisition time as well as 100% blade coverage while minimizing human errors and operational risks. Moreover, the cutting-edge image assessment tools of the platform ensure detailed and efficient damage assessment. This technology has already completed thousands of autonomous inspection missions throughout Europe and more companies continue to rely on it. Recently, Sulzer and Schmid entered a partnership with the Turkey-based Ülke Enerji, the largest independent service provider active in the areas of turbine erection, maintenance, inspection, operations and blade services. The allies aim to deliver advanced blade inspections to Nordex / Acciona Windpower in Turkey. The combination of Sulzer Schmid’s state-of-the-art inspection technology and the field operation and health and safety expertise of Ülke Enerji provides wind turbine inspection at an unprecedented level of quality and cost-effectiveness to the Turkish wind industry. Thanks to the powerful capabilities offered by unmanned aerial vehicles, the market for blade inspections by means of autonomous drones is becoming increasingly dynamic. “It is becoming clear that UAV technology will play a central role in wind turbine inspections from here on in. It offers the best possible performance in terms of campaign quality, time and cost-effectiveness. With the complementary expertise of Sulzer Schmid and Ülke Enerji, we believe we have access to the soundest inspection solution currently available on the market in Turkey”, commented Ferit Yeşilay, Head of Service Turkey of Nordex /Acciona Windpower. By licensing Sulzer Schmid’s advanced inspection technology, Ülke Enerji becomes the only player to offer high-definition rotor blade inspection campaigns by means of autonomous drones in the fast-developing Turkish wind market. “Nordex /Acciona Windpower are very significant players for Sulzer Schmid. And we are very satisfied that a local industry leader such as Ülke Enerji has decided to adopt our 3DX™ inspection platform to serve them in this important wind market”, concluded Tom Sulzer and Christof Schmid, Co-founders of Sulzer Schmid. (Press release)