LatticeFlow establishes a subsidiary in the US

Following its positive beginnings in the US market, which included a collaboration with the US army, LatticeFlow has established a firm based in the country with a new legal entity based in San Francisco and a team to oversee operations. This strategic move marks a pivotal expansion moment in the startup’s growth journey.

LatticeFlow is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform enabling enterprises to build performant, safe, and trustworthy AI systems at scale, helping them to unlock the full potential of AI by addressing model and data issues with automation and intelligent workflows across your AI lifecycle.

The idea has gained widespread recognition for pioneering the next generation of reliable and trustworthy AI systems for mission-critical applications in manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and defense. It has also garnered the attention of several industry partners, regulatory bodies, and the broader AI community worldwide. This year, the White House officials selected LatticeFlow as the first-place winner in the “red teaming” AI Privacy Prize Challenge category. Subsequently, the company announced results from a three-year strategic engagement with the U.S. Army towards building next-generation resilient AI for mission-critical use cases.

Building on this early traction, the growing international customer base and achievements in the US, the Zurich-based startup has set a base in the country, establishing the subsidiary, LatticeFlow USA. This move aligns seamlessly with the European Union’s AI Act and President Biden’s executive order to develop and deploy safe and trustworthy AI technologies. It further serves as a testament to ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of mission-critical AI systems for U.S. government agencies such as the U.S. Army and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

New team for LatticeFlow USA
In line with the expansion, LatticeFlow has welcomed three members to its team in San Francisco. Dave Henry, who previously worked for companies such as Pyramid Analytics, Pentaho, Boeing Computer Services, will assume the role of Senior Vice President of Business Development. Ritee Rouf, with VMware, Oracle, Google on her resume, will be the Director of Product Marketing, and Nate Reid assume the role of Principal Solutions Engineer. He previously worked at tech companies such as Vmware and Microsoft). The seasoned trio brings a wealth of experience in driving strategic partnerships, executing impactful marketing initiatives, and designing customer solutions while reinforcing LatticeFlow’s commitment to responsible AI adoption.

“The expansion into the US market is a strategic move for LatticeFlow, and we are thrilled to have such a distinguished team of professionals at the helm. Dave, Ritee, and Nate bring a collective wealth of experience that aligns perfectly with our vision for responsible and impactful AI solutions. Their leadership will undoubtedly propel LatticeFlow to new heights in the US market,” said ” remarked Petar Tsankov, Co-founder and CEO of LatticeFlow.

(Press release/RAN)