Largo brings AI-driven forecasting tools to advertisers

Stories AG, an advertisement production company from Zurich, has deployed the AI-driven forecasting tool by EPFL startup Largo to transform the advertising market. Now commercially available, the initial results are positive.

Developed by Largo Films, forecasts the likelihood of success of films using artificial intelligence (AI) by analysing the scripts or early video versions. With the help of vast amounts of data and machine learning, the system can predict whether the project will be successful or not in a concise time frame. Until now, the technology was available for feature films.

The EPFL startup and Stories AG, a Zurich-based advertisement production company, have inked a partnership agreement to adopt and commercialise it for the advising market. works through all the different elements of an advertisement step by step and produces a comprehensive analysis. The software analyses a film script to estimate the effect of the intended cut on the audience and matches all this to the advertiser’s business sector. The technology will enable advertisers to save on market research.

“In we have found a partner who helps us to look at subjective decisions objectively,” says Yves Bollag, co-founder of Stories AG. “We have been testing film scripts for TV commercials for six months in regards to the target group, dramaturgy, and cast. We have found our results agree with conventional market research. The reverse analyses also accurately ranked Switzerland’s most successful commercials highly,” he adds.

Sami Arpa, the CEO of Largo, commented: “We are very excited to now be able to provide the services for the movie industry to the advertisement industry through this partnership with Stories AG. Our technology for feature films helps producers to access content & casting insights, and financial forecasts, even at the earliest stages of development. We are proud to now be able to bring the same tools to the advertisement industry.

Innosuisse Innovation Grant’s advertisement product recently received a grant of CHF 550K from Innosuisse to support its development in collaboration with the Image and Visual Representation Lab at EPFL. With this collaboration, the goal is to advance this technology further, allowing AI to suggest how to improve a story to reach its marketing targets by offering possible alterations to the script or video cut of the advertisement.

“The film and advertisement industry can benefit enormously with recent advances in AI in all stages of production. Largo is making a perfectly timed entry into this field to make this happen. Over the next two years, we aim to enable AI based-story improvement suggestions to script and video cuts specifically for ad-films,” said Radhakrishna Achanta, the project manager on the research partner side.

(Press release/RAN)