Lab grown meat company MIRAI FOODS increases seed financing to USD 4.5 million

MIRAI FOODS, Switzerland’s first and to date only cultivated meat start-up, has raised an additional USD 2.2 million in a second closing of Seed financing. This brings the total funding of the Seed round to USD 4.5 million.

The new backers of the company include German Family Office FRIBA Investment, Swiss Advanced Nutrition & Biotech VC Skyviews Life Science as well as Zürich based serial entrepreneur and tech investor Ulf Claesson.

“With the additional investment, we are in an excellent position to strengthen our team of 10 people and speed up our research. This investment is critical for our mission to provide delicious, high quality cultivated meat at a fair price. Our partners not only share our mission but also have great strategic and operational capabilities”, says Christoph Mayr, Co-Founder and CEO of MIRAI. 

“Cultivated meat will be a key contributor of a sustainable global food system. At the interface between food science and tissue engineering, MIRAI is one of the leading next generation companies and we are delighted to be part of their journey”, says Stefan Catsicas, Managing Partner at Skyviews Life Science.

The company will use the funds to accelerate product development through expanding the team, improving in-house lab capabilities, and building a pilot production plant. MIRAI will move into their new lab and office space this summer. 

MIRAI’s long term goal is to produce natural meat without the need for slaughtering animals. Importantly, no genetic modification is used in the company’s proprietary process. The company aims to produce a variety of product lines to maximize the impact of cellular agriculture on animal welfare and environmental goals, their first product will be beef.

(Press release / SK)