Kuoni cruises relies on Boataffair


Through its platform, Boataffair enables boat owners to rent their boats. As part of an exclusive partnership, Boataffair will henceforth provide Kuoni customers access to private yachts, allowing them to enjoy their vacation while social distancing.



Boataffair is a yacht experience company and platform for boat owners and boat renters. Currently, the startup offers over 2'500 hand-selected yachts and experiences in more than 60 countries. Demand for private yachts has been growing as revealed by Adrian Walker who says that “due to COVID-19, there is an accelerated a shift away from a crowded holiday in hotels, big resorts or a cruise ship to more private and safer alternatives."

To provide its solution to a broader audience, Boatafair has entered into a partnership with Kuoni & Kuoni, one of the world’s oldest and most prominent brands in luxury travel. Kuoni with headquarters in Zurich generates over $6 billion annual revenues and employees over 11600 employees.

As part of their agreement, Boataffair becomes an exclusive private yacht provider for the Kuoni & Kuoni Cruises brands of DER Touristik Suisse AG. The startup will, therefore, provide Kuoni access to its global inventory of private yachts, which Kuoni clients can book for their holidays. Aboard the private boats, clients will be able to enjoy their vacation while social distancing with only with vetted and medically tested crewmembers.

“At Boataffair, we are proud to say that we have established a niche in the over-crowded yachting industry. Our niche is the creation of premium yachting experiences on vetted and hand-selected private yachts. We are proud that Kuoni recognised our niche, and sees it as beneficial to add our products to their brand. This partnership with Kuoni is a clear proof-of-concept for us - it makes all of our team members at Boataffair proud, and we are committed to continuing the hard work and efforts we have put into building our Boataffair brand."