Komed Health to be supported by Nokia and Deutsche Telekom

Zurich based startup Komed Health offering innovative communication solutions to hospitals is among the ten startups selected to join the WARP Future Communication accelerator program. The startups will be supported by Nokia and Deutsche Telekom AG in reaching customers across Europe.

Komed Health offers a fully encrypted, secure platform for instant medical team and patient communication. The service is accessible via iOS, Android, and Desktop which saves healthcare institutions both time and operating costs. Komed’s AI technology is integrated seamlessly with existing key clinical systems and offers reliable connectivity for anytime, anywhere communication.

Replacing pager services
Komed Health’s solution replaces the outdated pager services, insecure messaging systems and phone calls, EHR message baskets and E-Mails with a single product. This is possible through a user-friendly application which models medical provider workflow and presents patient health data in the context of group chats, direct messaging, private groups and persistent chat rooms. The application includes features such as priority messaging, delivery confirmation, message archiving, availability status setting, voice / video calling, attachments sharing or search by patient ID.

On Monday, Komed Health – together with other nine startups from Europe – was selected to join the Warp Future communication program in Berlin. The program is designed for startups with innovative ideas in communications and related areas such as speech recognition, parental control, artificial intelligence (AI), voice-based messaging, digital life and generally enriched voice and video communication experience.

Organized jointly by Nokia and hub:raum powered by Deutsche Telekom, the program aims to develop innovative communication services by offering the opportunity to accelerate the business and go to market with strong corporate partners. Participants will receive a mixture of all the tools and resources they need to develop, scale, and commercialize their services, including both technical and business support.

Each of the partners will contribute with their core competencies to the program: While Nokia will offer a technical platform, Deutsche Telekom will provide distribution channels and hub:raum the know-how and tools necessary to build, test, scale and commercialise the products.

“We are ready to bring hospital communication to the next level, with the support of the strong partners”, commented Komed Health.


Picture: Monkey Business / fotolia.com