Komed Health rolls out its platform in 7 Ticinese public hospitals


Digital Health startup, Komed Health and Ente Osdpedialero Cantonale (EOC) have signed a contract to roll-out the Komed Health platform in 7 public hospitals in Canton Ticino. Over 5000 healthcare workers at those hospitals will benefit from the secured communication and collaboration solution.



The Komed Health platform provides physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals with a secure and straightforward real-time communication tool via mobile (iOS and Android) or a desktop. The platform combines product integrations, services and data analytics to allow users to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, and make informed decisions faster, reduce hospital costs while improving patient outcomes. Besides being cost-effective, the solution also has the potential to replace existing communication systems – such as pagers, wired phones, legacy portable phones, faxes and WhatsApp with one single modern communication platform integrated with the care-flows.

Following pilot tests at the Ente Osdpedialero Cantonale (EOC), Komed Health has won a SaaS contract to deploy its platform at seven platform public hospitals in Canton Ticino. Thanks to this partnership, all 5’000 healthcare workers employed by the selected hospitals will benefit from the platform.

In the wake of Covid-19, the Ticino region became one of the epicentres of the pandemic in Switzerland, which overburdened the region’s healthcare system and required better communication to deal with and handle patient-data effectively. As expressed by Luiza Dobre, CEO and Founder of Komed Health, the positive results achieved during the test and decision by EOC to deploy the platform proves the potential of the solution.

Michele Marazza, Head IT Processes of Ente Ospedialero Cantonale says, “The Covid-19 crisis has clearly shown that an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use but secure digital communication and collaboration platform is desperately needed in healthcare facilities. We tested the Komed Health platform and we were impressed by their product as well as the team’s flexibility and responsiveness. Our employees are also more relaxed as they can easily communicate and exchange real-time information without being scared that the data is somewhere in the US.”

Marc Bornträger, VP Engineering & Founder of Komed Health AG, says: “We spent 3500+ hours analyzing and understanding healthcare processes respectively clinical workflows which we then modelled in our platform to be ready to scale across different systems. Based on this competence, we set our mission to become the leading purpose-built, mobile communication platform in Healthcare.”

 (Press release/RAN)