Komed Health closes seed financing round

The Zurich based startup, Komed Health, offering a fully encrypted and secure platform for instant medical team and patient communication raised CHF 500’000 from a seed financing round. The funds will facilitate further development of the communication platform.

Participants in the round included investors such as Fritz Mumenthaler, former CEO of Ascom; Bruno Glaus, Vice President of the hospitals in the St. Gallen region; and a successful entrepreneur who sold his software company to Facebook. Following the round Komed awarded Glaus a seat on its board while Mumenthaler was appointed to the position of Chairman of Komed’s Board of Directors.

Fritz Mumenthaler: "Healthcare Institutions across the globe are faced with the request to improve effectiveness and efficiency in delivering their services. The patient-centric solutions of Komed Health enable, improve and facilitate communication at the point-of-care and thereby meet one of the Healthcare Industry's most actual and pressing needs."

Bruno Glaus: "Komed Health is an outstanding communication solution meet an urgent need in hospitals."

"Compared to today’s medical breakthroughs, most hospital communication systems remain stuck in the “stone age” of communication technology. Outdated paging systems and multiple and redundant communication devices cause confusion, reduce efficiency in hospitals and may ultimately put patients at risk. Since nearly everybody nowadays owns a smartphone for seamless communication, these devices can offer a solution to many of today’s healthcare communication issues as well", said Aristomenis Exadaktylos, Head and Clinical Director Department of Emergency Medicine Insel Hospital.

"Komed Health is one of the young and innovative companies on the market embracing this wave of transformation and offering an innovative platform for advanced “i-care” delivery. Such applications give physicians and nurses easy access and help to share medical information and to bring faster informed decision-making to the point of care. We are very much delighted to support the Komed Health team to develop a state of the art communication platform for modern hospitals", adds Exadaktylos.

“We are not only offering a communication application, but also valuable know-how. We spent more than 800 hours talking to doctors and nurses. We have validated the product market fit with 23 hospitals and 250+ caregivers from 7 countries. In May we started a Proof of Concept (PoC) in Insel Hospital Emergency Department and now we are expanding to other clinics in Insel. We have PoCs scheduled to start in Canton Hospital Baselland, University Hospital Zurich and Visp. Our technological partners, the i-engineers and T-systems, support us to access the existing clinical systems”, said Luiza Dobre, CEO & Co-Founder of Komed Health.