Kitro supports Laax in becoming sustainable


Kitro is developing a solution to enable food and beverage outlets to optimize their performance by reducing avoidable food waste. The startup is running a pilot project within Laax’s Greenstyle sustainability initiative to help resuarants reduce food waste.


Kitro aims to revive the value of food, by measuring and analysing food waste. Kitro developed the first fully automatic food waste management solution for the food and Beverages (F&B) industry. The startup offers an integrated product comprising of the Kitro box and a software, enabling restaurants to identify, track and monitor food waste, thereby reduce costs.

Kitro’s solution has been selected for Laax’s sustainability initiative, Greenstyle –which is dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment. Laax – through the Riders Hotel and the Berghaus Nagens – has installed the Kitro Box in its restaurant to track and measure the the amount of food being wasted. Laax has, in fact, decided to continue using the solution after the completion of the pilot. Two additional Kitro devices have been installed in other restaurants.

“Kitro is part of our Green Style initiative, helping Laax become the world’s first self-sustainable alpine resort. We have started the conversation on food waste and now have data”, Reto Fry, Weisse Arena Gruppe.

“Being part of the Green style initiative in Laax has been a great learning experience for us. It is great to work with individuals who are so committed to addressing environmental issues and really take responsibility and action. The insights gained from this pilot and working together with chefs and managers has allowed to move one step closer to our final product”, says Naomi MacKenzie, co-founder of Kitro

Laax was Kitro’s third pilot. Other outlets that have tested the product or are currently testing it include; Einstein Hotel in St. Gallen, Mercure Hotel in Berlin, Zugorama Canteen, Swiss Re Centre for Global, Dialogue in Rüschlikon, Riders Hotel in Laax and Berghaus Nagens Restaurant. Seven additional pilots have been confirmed. The Kitro Box and software will be launched in 2019.