Kenzan Studios Launches Virtual Reality Playground

In the Kenzan Arena up to 12 players can immerse into virtual worlds together. The Arena which will be sold on a franchise basis worldwide is set to change the face of shopping malls, leisure centers and all other venues that have high footfall.

Kenzan Arena is a playground destined at sharing VR games and experiences to the public. It is the biggest free roaming playground of its kind. The entry level version is a standard 200 square meter area where up to 12 players can simultaneously participate. Kenzan Arena will be sold on a franchise basis. The goal is to change the face of shopping malls and leisure centers around the globe. The first Kenzan Arena playground is scheduled to open in late summer 2017 in Zurich Switzerland.

The high precision hybrid tracking system, which was developed in collaboration with Kenzan Studio’s Chinese partner Noitom, sets a new benchmark in both accuracy and latency in three-dimensional space. Noitom’s motion tracking technology enables Kenzan to mix the real world with the virtual world. Players can touch and manipulate objects in their environments both physically and virtually. To further augment the experience, Kenzan integrates wind and flight simulators into the experience to simulate a set of different vehicles in the games.

In addition, Kenzan Arena offers a variety of beautiful and fascinating games that target children, families and adults. . Games are designed not only to ensure returning customers but also to deliver a high revenue per square meter/square foot used. Kenzan Arena was created for urban areas such as shopping malls, city centers and leisure centers - and all other venues that have high footfall. Once all the sensors are set up and the batteries are fully charged, Kenzan Arena is a plug & play solution which does not require specially qualified employees.

"Profitability of a Virtual Reality arcade starts with game design. We have optimized our games specifically to have a high revenue per square meter per player. Additionally, the system runs plug and play and requires low maintenance.” added Ronny Tobler, CEO of Kenzan Studios.

Building on innovations pioneered in the VR Time Machine created for DuPont Performance Materials and the VR Promotion & Entertainmentproduct created for Coop shopping malls in Switzerland, the foundations for Kenzan Arena were laid. With Coop’s 2017 Virtual Reality Roadshow  alone, 2 million people will discover Kenzan Studios' product.