Kemiex price benchmarks go global with CME Group

CME Group started to distribute global price benchmarks for feed, food and pharma raw materials from Zurich-based procurement, trade and intelligence start-up Kemiex. CME is the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, as well as a major data service provider for the global financial industry.

CME’s DataMine platform was built for traders and risk managers in financial and physical markets to implement new strategies by offering selected datasets from companies such as Euronext, Indigo Ag or Predata. According to a social media release by the commodity exchange the platform is now also offering data from Kemiex, a digital trade platform for producers, buyers and distributors of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and vitamins.

As described on the CME Group website, the Kemiex benchmarks involved are vitamins (A, C, E), aminoacids (Methionine, Lysine), as well as two comprehensive baskets of products, the Kemiex Vitamins Index and the Kemiex Amino Acids Index. US-based CME Group is one of the largest derivates exchanges globally and is regarded as the best-known commodity (derivatives) exchange. In addition, CME is a major data service provider for the global financial industry.

The Head of Business Development and Markets at Kemiex, Stefan Schmidinger, declined to comment on further details but pointed at rising demand for alternative data to navigate volatile markets and commodity risks.

Pandemic accelerates digitisation of the supply chain

In recent interviews the company highlighted a rapid spike in interest for its supply chain intelligence. During the first wave of the pandemic, which entailed closed trade routes and sudden changes of production capacities, the start-up was contacted by regulators, ERP software providers and market intelligence companies that were looking for market data and insights.  

Kemiex AG, founded by Pau Franquet and Oriol Saludes in 2017, has rapidly grown into a leading, sector-focused trade venue and private procurement solution for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), food and feed additives. Platform users include Agribusinesses, Food & Beverage and pharmaceutical SMEs, as well as leading sector organisations such as Cargill, DSM, Evonik, Novartis and others.

(Stefan Kyora)