Kapanu AG announces exit after the receipt of CTI Label

Shortly after receiving the CTI label, Kapanu AG, a Spinoff from the ETH Zurich developing innovative dental technology, has made a successful exit. The startup has been acquired by a Lichtenstein based company Ivoclar Vivadent AG. Both companies intend to work together on the development of innovative dental applications.

Founded in 2015, Kapanu AG is a spin-off from the Institute of Visual Computing of the ETH Zurich developing interactive solutions for the future of digital dentistry. The company’s flagship product the Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine, which links the real world with digital data in real time. The software enables the direct, virtual superimposition of dental designs with live imagery of patients during natural movements. This virtual mock-up enables patients to experience their new smile before deciding on a treatment. This simplifies the communication between dentist and patient and makes treatment planning even more efficient.

Less than a month after the receipt of the CTI Label, Kapanu has been acquired by Ivoclar Vivadent, a Liechtenstein based company providing innovative material systems for high-quality dental applications. Kapanu and Ivoclar Vivadent will work together to develop innovative dental applications that connect real-life processes with the digital world. Their main objective will be to determine how the usage of “Augmented Reality” can facilitate dental diagnostics, case analysis and treatment therapies.

About Ivoclar Vivadent
Ivoclar Vivadent, headquartered in Schaan, Liechtenstein, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative material systems for high-quality dental applications. The company's success is based on a comprehensive portfolio of products and systems, strong research and development capabilities and a clear commitment to training and further education. The company has wholly owned subsidiaries in 25 countries, and it employs about 3,500 people worldwide.

Picture: Kapanu